WHY? You Should Vote For Braxton


Why you should vote for my son?

“Are you okay?” This was and still remains Braxton’s question to all. From family pets, to the young and elderly; he has always considered others first. Even after flattening his opponents on the football field, you could find him extending a hand up and asking “Are you okay?” Braxton is one of the best people we’ve ever known, who happens to be our youngest son. He is a sincere, compassionate, kind and thoughtful human being with a heart to serve others. …So as he extends his hand in service as your Ward 4 Councilman, he’s asking you today, “Are you okay?” He wants to help!

-Jeff and Pam Banks. (Proud Parents)


Why you should vote for my neighbor?

As a resident of the 4th Ward for more than 18 years, I feel confident that Braxton Banks will serve as a great councilman. Since I've known him, he has proven himself to be a concerned citizen through his charitable acts with the Youth against Violence program as well as his eagerness to get to know his neighbors and their concerns with the community. His integrity, professional and educational background will greatly assist him in his role as a member of the city council.
-Todd Ireland Ward 4 Resident


Why you should vote for my colleague?

If you are looking for a candidate who embodies a true dedication to public service, Braxton Banks is the ideal choice. His relentless work ethic ensures that he will tirelessly fight for the betterment of our community and its residents. Beyond his exceptional commitment, Braxton's kind and helpful spirit shines through, making him approachable and empathetic to the needs of others. As a family man, he understands the importance of creating a safe and prosperous environment for future generations. Moreover, his focus on the community ensures that he will prioritize initiatives that uplift and empower all members of our society, making him the perfect candidate to lead us towards a brighter future.

-Danielle Simpson Douglas County Resident/
Senior Staff Attorney for Truancy Intervention Project Georgia



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